Core Competencies

  • High value added
  • Experts in semi rigid to rigid 
  • Awareness of comparative value of different package formats, 
    e. premade vs. FFS vs. thermoforming 
  • Experience with multiple types of resin
  • Market/Application driven
  • Lamination and coextrusion capability
  • Global partnerships with raw materials and machine producers
  • PET focused

Technological Leadership

Investments in advanced machines allied with rigorous quality control mechanisms ensure our products have excellent physical and mechanical properties.

Our facilities exceed PET requirements and provide both continuous and solid state processing capabilities. This constant search has enabled Evertis to take an active role in the development of extrusion lines for processing PET.  Anticipating and commercialising a technology is of great importance to ensure innovative, cost effective quality products.

The technological focus is found in all sectors of Evertis, from our suppliers to our logistic providers, offering our customers solutions with added value.

Innovative Packaging Solutions

Evertis is always on the search for innovation in materials and industrial technology in order to deliver ground-breaking packaging solutions.  We believe that through dialogue with our customers we can develop solutions focused on customer requirements and market trends. 

Being part of a group who has been in the polymers industry for over fifty years; Evertis counts on a wealth of expertise and know-how. As a result of the close collaboration between our production sites in Brazil, Mexico, and Portugal, we share our global experience to provide customers with products that are one step ahead. Additionally, being part of the IMG Group who holds a PET resin producer, Selenis, we benefit from the various advantages of privileged access to the development of our main raw materials.

Coextrusion allows us to combine various materials with an extensive range of properties into new formulations. At our in-house laboratories we use state-of-the-art technology to test samples of new formulations and guarantee they meet customers’ needs and assure film properties are up to specification.

Quality Control & Certifications

All of our products are subject to strict and exhaustive quality tests at our in-house laboratories. Our industrial units count on regular maintenance and modernization to assure the persistent high quality of our products.

At Evertis we are cautious when selecting raw materials to guarantee the highest quality of our products. The global partnerships we have created with major raw materials and machine producers, allow our experts to maintain close contact with our raw material suppliers.

Evertis films comply with several regulatory codes and have been accredited the following quality certificates:

Quality logos Evertis

Incentive for innovation