Our Approach to Sustainability


Environmental Responsibility 

  • Commitment with environmental protection, safety and stability
  • Environmental responsibility and subsequent policies are mandatory in our manufacturing processes, in management directives and in our organizational culture 

Social Responsibility

  • We are conscious of our role in society, and take full responsibility for the social impact of our activities
  • We believe in an obligation to promote social sustainability and development
  • We take steps to improve the quality of life of our employees and their families, as well as the local community

Economic Development

  • As a global company we aim to maximize value for all our shareholders
  • Aim to position Evertis for sustainable business growth 
  • Contribute to the economic well-being and development of the communities we are part of

Closing the Recycling Loop

The Evertis Recycling Unit was created to share with consumers our mutual responsibility to prevent packaging from going to landfills. Recovered packaging may be recycled and converted into PET flakes that is incorporated into Evertis post-consumer recycled content packaging film.

At Evertis we use the latest state-of-the-art recycling equipment, including a multi purpose reactor that not only incorporates our recycled PET flakes in an extremely reliable and energy-efficient way, but also guarantees the recycled material is food contact compliant before extrusion.

 Evertis Recycling Achievements 2016

  • Evertis Ibérica converted more than 70% of the PET bottles collected in Portugal to produce post-consumer recycled content film
  • Saved the equivalent to more than 30 Olympic size pools of landfill space
  • Recovered energy savings equal to the yearly consumption of more than 27,000 people
  • Prevented the extraction of more than 220,000 barrels of oil, the equivalent of fuel consumed by 350 London to New York flights on a Boeing 747
  • Saved the equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of more than 5000 people (based on average per capita emissions of the European Union)

Corporate Social Responsibility

Key Local Initiatives

At Evertis, we make it our mission to conduct our business ethically and bring value to the communities we serve. We focus our attention on our local communities, particularly on education as we believe it is the first step for positive change.


Educational grants to disadvantaged children

Working with local students for inclusive growth

Corporate Social Responsibility

Invest in a solid environmental policy to involve the whole community

Proactive local programs
Promote recycling in our communities

Environmental Education
Mold eco-friendly habits in children

Employee Training and Development
Link environmental objectives to business objectives

Our People, Our Priority

As a global group we involve employees from various cultural background and nationalities, and make it a priority to reward performance and promote professional growth.


Link performance to reward and recognition to create motivation

Talent development and creation of career opportunities

Social events to develop staff morale

Internal training on safety