Looking further ahead, allowing us to dream, in a realistic way, we have ambitious goals for 2050:

Become carbon neutral by 2050

Be energy self-sufficient, with 100% of energy coming from renewable sources

100% of our products will be recyclable, and 100% of the end products will be recycled

Reduce water and energy consumption by 25%

Adopt regenerative practices in all our transactions, activities, and collaborationswith our stakeholders, mainly with suppliers, clients, and employees

Our opportunities lie in our mitigation and solutions to these risks and challenges. We have applied our change in mindset, determined by the path we are taking to become a regenerative business:


Diminish our fossil fuel dependence by generating our own renewable energy sources


Optimise our logistics and our value chain to reduce cost and GHG emissions


Penetrate into new markets with regenerative traits 


Develop sustainable innovations to unlock potential revenue streams in new markets


Assess and manage the carbon footprint and life-cycle impacts of our products


Collaborate with our supply chain to create positive impacts along our value chain and strengthen the relationships with our suppliers

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